Preserving the

Roots of the Past

The Buildings



The Vigfusson House

1898, Lundi. This was the first house moved onto the property on Oct.13, 2000, draw in by two teams of horses! Come listen to the legend of Chief John Ramsey and his connection to the Vigfusson family via a dream and superstition.


The Interpretive Centre

2010, Arborg. Marvel at our various exhibits that depict what life was like 100 years ago. The interpretive centre is home to our old-fashioned storefronts as well as many other exhibits.


Sigvaldason House

1913, Arborg. This was the house that Bjorn and Lara Sigvaldason and their 16 children called home for over 50 years. Witness how the family lived and admire many artifacts that were original to the family.


St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church

1921, Bjarmi. This Provincial Historic building is a must-see!  The church has most of its original artifacts including an all-glass candle chandelier. The church has been re-sanctioned after restoration so church services can be held in it again. 


Oddleifsson House

1880s, Geysir.  This is the oldest Icelandic building still standing in all of New Iceland. With the help of a number of volunteers, we are proud to have obtained this building in 2017 and completed the restoration in 2019. 


Kowalski house

1920, Morweena.  This beautiful Polish home was moved on-site in the summer of 2009. Many of the Kowalski family volunteered hundreds of hours of tender loving care into the restoration. Come admire all their hard work.


Poplar Heights School

1918, Warren. Come experience what it was like to attend school one hundred years ago in a one-room schoolhouse. 





The Saunders House

1905, Clandeboye. Rescued from demolition from the Winnipeg Beach Ukrainian Homestead Museum upon its closing, this Ukrainian-style house has been set up to demonstrate a rural doctor's office.


The Ice House

 Come for a tour to learn more about the importance of these ice houses now daily living 100 years ago.


Brandson House

1900s, Arborg.  Sigruidur and Jodis raised 10 children in this home. Mrs. Brandson was well known for her hospitality and sometimes received up to 40 visitors in one day alone! Also, come see our tribute to the North Star Creamery where their son Oskar worked.


Ukrainian Bake Oven

2007, Arborg. Our replica of a typical Ukrainian oven. Come learn about how they were made. On special occasions, you may get a taste of the bread that comes out of it.


Hykaway Grist Mill

1917, Meleb. One of the last grist mills left in Canada! Come see this impressive grist mill, which was made entirely by hand from the foundation stones to the sails. 


The Caboose

In 1910 the railway came to Arborg, drastically bringing about change in the area. With easier access to wood, livestock, and a means of transportation to Winnipeg, the Arborg community really began to grow. Take a look inside and picture the life of a freight train crew! 


St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Parish Hall

1937, Narcisse.  Originally a house in Narcisse and later moved to Poplarfield and with many additions became the hall there.  This was our second building. 


The Tipi

Replica. This Tipi is a Cree-Style Tipi with 13 poles to signify the 13 moons of the year and 13 teachings.  Tipis have been constructed by Indigenous people possibly as early as 10,00 B.C.E. 


The Outhouse

2020, Replica. Outhouses were typically separate from other buildings and had a moon carved in the door for light and ventilation.   


Stoyanowski Sawmill

1974, Framnes.  As the need for more cut lumber increased, many families purchased or built their own sawmills. 


Chapil Barn

1938, Arborg.  By the turn of the century, the introduction of new farm machinery, innovative construction techniques, and scientific planning greatly altered the appearance of barns.  The top floor of this barn is now open to the public. 


Slipachuk House

1920s, Komarno. This Ukrainian-style log house is joined at the corners with dovetail joints.  The house was sold to the Winnipeg Beach Museum in 1984 and donated to Arborg and District Heritage Village in 2009.


The General Store, Garage, Blacksmith & Livery Stables

Replica. All a part of the same building, these four businesses would often go hand in hand.





Latest News

  • 2022 Summer Events

    Our 2022 season Senior's Days are an excellent way to interact with others in the community. They include games, food, entertainment - and a lot of laughs.

    Summer 2022 Heritage Village Events and Activities

    Tractor Trek - May 28th, 2022 POSTPONED

    Senior Fun Day - June 13th, July 11th, August 15th 


    Family Fun Day- Date TBA


    Canada's Birthday Celebration - July 1st, 2022 @ Heritage Hall


    Kids Day Camp - July and August. Every Tuesday and Thursday 


    Culturama Event - September 30th, 2022 @ Arborg Community Hall


    Membership Drive Supper and Dance - October 23rd, 2022 @ Arborg Community Hall


    One Trunk Theatre Ghost Performance - October 29th and October 30th @ The Heritage Village




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Adults (13 & over): $15 Full tour
                             $10 Half tour
                             $5 I.C. and M.B. Tours

Children  ( 5-12 ) : $7 Full tour
                             $5 Half tour
                             $2 I.C. and M.B. Tours

Children 4 & under: FREE


Our 2022 Season:
June 6/22 to September 5/22.

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